About us :.


iROB was founded in 2008 as a Turkish-Swedish partnership in Bursa. It is a company focused on product engineering and service quality for the developing Turkish market for internal logistics systems with AGV’s (automated guided vehicles) and fast precision robots with assembly, tests, pick and place, control and camera controlled automation systems and also productivity enhancing products and services for existing industrial robots.

The partners of iROB for 20 years have completed successful projects on robotics automation systems and after-sales services in the automotive and supplier industry in Turkey and Sweden. İROB aims to achieve the same success in assembly, testing and control applications in a larger sector with DENSO and also offers their own manufactured AGV’s to the market to help with productivity enhancing products and solutions for companies that use LUTZ, RSP and UNITRONICS robot systems at present.

iROB offers its customers high value added products and services with the fast and best service concept.

 iROB is one of the companies recommended by Denso.